Christian // Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

When I find myself 350 miles from home, in a landscape unlike my norm, I get pretty dang excited.
When I find that one of my athletes has a vacation home in that same place and wants to make the trek to shoot out there, I’m so down with that.
Make it happen.

Christian’s family has owned a little piece of Central Oregon heaven for generations. A perfect little meeting place for Christmases and birthdays and summers and river floating. A place that’s meaningful.
Close to the heart.
So naturally, it’s the perfect spot for some commencement images to be taken.

Senior year.
When the H did we get here??

I’ve coached Christian in Cross Country and Track for 4 seasons already, so working together came easily.
Christian is one of the brightest, funniest, weirdest, hardest working students I’ve met. I’ve gotten to know him and his family well over the past couple of years and I am so thankful you all brought me here. To have been invited into your life for a day. To see where your family’s best memories are made. To walk the grounds your dad, your dad’s dad and his dad walked.
So humbling.
Thank you for choosing me to be apart of such an important time in your youth… in your life.

Cheers, Christian, to a memorable senior year.
And a big ‘HEY-O’ to running injured in last nights XC race, and still dominating the competition!
Right on, brother.
Oh, hey. No big deal. But that is a freaking VOLCANO!!! 

Side Note: This second location was at a dang volcano!! When Christian told me he wanted to shoot here I about blew my top (har-har ;)). I was so pumped! The volcano hasn’t been active in over 1300 years, but whatever. It was awesome. And a first-time experience for me.