Megan… In A Parking Garage.

This girl is the bee’s knees! Can you believe she came all the way from San Fransisco to hang out with me in a parking garage??!!
Ok, that’s not really why she came, BUT, we did make some fun images while she was around 🙂

Megan came to Portland for a P31 workshop at the Aviation Museum. I had only talked to Megan online a few times before she came out, but I picked her up from the airport anyway, knowing she could’ve been a predator! AAHH!!

So I took my chances.

Megan did in fact end up being a killer… a killer FRIEND!
This girl is so bright and full of life! The girl just gets it!

We were hoping for a stroll through PDX while we snapped some, but in true Pacific Northwest fashion, it poured all day. So we parking garaged it. BAM!

It was rad.

Check it.