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Christian // Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

When I find myself 350 miles from home, in a landscape unlike my norm, I get pretty dang excited. When I find that one of my athletes has a vacation home in that same place and wants to make the trek to shoot out there, I’m so down with that. Make it happen. Christian’s family…

Bailee… The Graduate.

BaileeBaileeBailee. FUN. E. CHICK! Wanna die laughing? This girl will burry you with her humor. She said she was shy. She lied. Or we were just THAT comfortable with each other from jump that she forgot about being timid. Thank goodness she did because we made something real nice. At 5am. On top of a hill….

Featured… Briana… NMHS Senior.

I have known Briana since she was in the 8th grade and I was a Senior in high school. I remember her being this tall gorgeous brunette with a smile that made’ya just melt! She is an outstanding three-sport athlete, (lettering in all, soccer, basketball and golf in high school). At the time I always…