With Love from Montana.

I always love going. 
Wherever, really, especially if it’s to other states or countries. Places that have different views than my day-to-day.

Montana is like a second home to me, and a first home to my Joey.
Big Sky country, small town life, it is sweet and humble and everybody knows everybody.

I usually end up sleeping the entire first day I get there, but thats what you do when you get close to family. You sleep. You get comfortable and cozy and lazy and become a serious glutton of rich foods and desserts.
Happy eating and happy weight. So what. Do it up.

My heart beats for times like this. For opportunities to look through old memories and make new ones. To sit around a dinner table with faces I rarely see and voices I rarely hear.
Laughing and banter.
Sometimes even tears and goodbye-for-nows are on the itinerary.
Soak in the sights and the smells and the hugs and the friday night lights at the big game. Wipe the tears and hug some more.

Always hug some more.

Great Falls, Montana.
Where the empty go to fill. Where the deer roam like stray cats on your doorstep and the Vodka-sodas pour like rain.

**All images taken with my iPhone 4s. Edited with VSCO Cam app :)**